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Hi guys...
thanks to come to our Blog. Here I'd like to share my experience with you all, from student to student. Yes, as human we always study from the day we born till the last of our breath (oh my, I'm like an old man)
Anyways, animation is everything for me. When I was a little kid I always watch cartoons, until now and I believe it stops only when I die. I made my own comic when I was in 1st grade (which is awful) and now I'm using 3D application to make a living.
In the future (which is now), 3D graphics has change the way of many industries. You name it, Advertising, movies, games, fashion, construction, design, health, mining, education, and many more. By studying 3D application just like mastering typewriter in the old age, you are needed.
Some people say it is hard learning 3D application, and some say it's easy. So, which one? Well, it is for you to decide. For me, I make it this way, pretending working on 3D application is just like playing a video game (I'm a gamer when I'm not working). Yup, just like gaming, It is a lot of fun, and when you got stuck you'll lose your hair (luckily not your head). But if you're able to solve the puzzle, you will find the greatest satisfaction of what you've achieved. The point is, enjoy and have fun with it.
Here in animatorZoo, we will have tutorials and discussions, news that's related about technologies, watch animation, even downloading textures and 3d models and more. We will try the best in our blog here, and we will be grateful and appreciate for any kind of questions and constructive comments and ideas.
Thanks guys

With Regards, Wan

PS : sorry for my English, I'm still learning :D
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myla said... December 6, 2009 at 1:09 AM

good start!!! keep posting!!

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